Web Analytics
Techno Source IT Solutions offers you the innovative web analytics technology, which integrates the study of the website traffic and visitor behaviour in order to improve the performance of the website.
Our web analytics solutions show you who is your best customer, where and how they spend their time online, what motivates than and how you can engage them in a more effective and profitable ways.
Collecting, Interpreting and Analysing Online Data in a meaningful Way
We would work in close cooperation with your web-tracking vendor to analyse both your online and offline data. Our professional analytics team would analyse to figure out your visitor behave online. With employing certain campaigns driven by sophisticated analysis you could:
a. Analyse the factors, which affect your Key Productivity Indicators (KPIs) such as competitor traffic and marketing.
b. Know where your customers come from.
c. Integrate across channels like mobile, social media and e-mail to multiply your online marketing power.
d. Turn insights into actions.
A Simple Three Way Plan To Improve Website’s Performance
a. Analyse the Goals
The goals of your web analytics data would be reviewed on a regular basis by our experts. They will determine whether the set goals will meet the desired outcome or not. If the online market faces any dynamic changes then goals will be altered to match those specifically.
b. Take Powerful Actions
We will modify or eliminate the changes that have had a negative impact upon your online strategy. We will brainstorm and come up with new ideas and goals to improve your website performance.
c. Monitoring of the Progress
Regular analytic reports, sufficient data and traffic count will be delivered to show how the website is faring over the time. These reports would help you to allocate the rest of your resources for the remainder of the campaign.
Boost Web Traffic, Get Higher Return on Investment With Our Web Analytics
Our efficient web analytic services provide the opportunity to measure the website successes and failure quickly and enable you to respond to it right away. Our web analytics provide a simple and most effective way of turning the visitors into customers.